The F/A 38 Hornet, also known as the Boeing X-53, is an unlockable aircraft available in Burnt Skies.

Cost varies depending on the location the vehicle is bought:

Rich Countries provide mostly reliable but costly vehicles.

Poor Countries provide mostly unreliable but cheap vehicles.

Vehicles that are In Service are a lot more reliable, powerful and speedy than Retired or Abandoned vehicles. Consequently, they cost much more than retired and abandoned vehicles, although you might find a friendly dealer who sells you an In Service vehicle extra cheap...

How to unlockEdit

To unlock the Boeing X-53, the player must reach the maximum Veteran Level on the multiplayer game mode. As well as a jet, they will also receive a 'Legend' emblem to show off in multiplayer and co-op game modes. The player is also revealed a teaser trailer for Burnt Skies II.

F/A 38 Hornet Characteristics
Role Multirole Fighter
Cost $29,000,000 - $57,000,000
Status In Service
Selling Locations North America, Europe