Counter Technologies is a game engine technology company. They are most known for developing the Counter Engine. EA recently bought out Counter Technologies to use their highly-anticipated Counter Engine in future video game titles. Freefall Interactive, a small vehicle simulation based video game developer, have agreed to develop Counter Engine's first game, Burnt Skies. Thoughts of a sequel to Burnt Skies have already been confirmed by EA, but no release date has been confirmed.

Counter EngineEdit

Development of the Counter Engine began in early 2009. Funding for engine development was privately funded by various independent companies. After EA bought Counter Tech. and their game engine, all investors that formerly funded the engine project were paid in return all the money they contributed towards Counter Engine development. This action was executed by EA to 'cut all loose ends' says EA marketing manager, Will Rolland.

Video Game Project CancelledEdit

Prior to Counter Tech. losing their independence, a game for the Counter Engine - being developed by Counter Tech. - was very early in the works. The project is thought to have been cancelled by rumors from the public, although EA have not confirmed this.

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