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The developers are the core of Game Sim, and are player-run. Each new developer starts out with $2,000,000 and may begin developing and releasing games immediately. 

List Of DevelopersEdit

Here are all the developers in Game Sim:

(Updated for Fourth Revival - 2016)

Active Developers Edit

Freefall Interactive (McKane) $2,000,000 (reboot)

Power Check (King Tip) $

Megabit (Alan Carmack) $

Five/5 Ace Studios (Noah Evans) $

Inactive Developers Edit

Empire Of Gold (vault)  $6,450,,000

Gammasoft (best4bond) $12,350,000

Transition Games (samuelrj9) $5,000,000

GameProStudios (MrTreesSapling) $4,750,000

Silverix Games (ColonelPhantom) $2,000,000

Bandit Gamers (cxc1223) $2,000,000

Tanoshii Urban Entertainment (Chiken) $4,320,000

David's Games (David Racovita) $2,000,000

KJ TRANSCENDENT LIBERTY CO (Keviin Jhansen) $2,000,000

FrozenForce Inc (FrozenForceInc) $2,000,000

Jerb Co. (jerb) $2,000,000

Firestorm Studios (klosec12)  $5,696,940

BIT.PIXEL (GDI121)  $3,104,000

Axel Studios (Jeff)  $2,000,000

Ninjakick Entertainment (Bumfarto) $2,630,000

Creative Space Studios (Demonic)  $408,000

SheepSoft (sheepysean13) $269,000

FuturisticGamingStudio (OrchanGamer) $2,000,000

Pink Fall Games (scheurneus) $_,___,___

Abacus Studios (mehwar) $2,000,000

Soft Space Studios (hamstring) $2,000,000

Helix Studios (Seth)  $735,000

Zealous Entertainment (Tyuken) $1,370,000

Enchanted Gaming (cherperry) $13,550,480