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Empire Of Gold is a developer in Game Sim. It is run by vault (formerly known as Kaven). 


Empire Of Gold is a diverse company that has produced a lot of different content throughout turns. They seem grounded in horror-influenced first or third person games. 

Dead Space: Alteration ControversyEdit

In Turn 30, it was reported that EA and Empire Of Gold's relationship had fallen apart due to EA wanting to revise the content released in the "Injection" DLC pack, and reportedly split it up and charge for both parts. Empire Of Gold allegedly refused, and this sparked EA to proceed with a lawsuit against Empire Of Gold for $1,000,000. EA claims that they're willing to work things out, but that Empire Of Gold won't speak to them. Empire Of Gold says they're more than willing to continue work on Dead Space: Alteration DLC, but they don't want to work with EA directly. Since then, the two companies have reportedly not spoken or communicated.

"They're dead to us."

- Empire Of Gold is quoted as saying.

Games Edit

Empire Of Gold first released Lost Sanity in Turn 4, before releasing Rev in Turn 11 and Dead Space: Alteration in Turn 26. Empire Of Gold's latest title is The Risen, which was released in Turn 52.  

Released Games Edit


Empire Of Gold haven't won any awards yet.