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Enchanted Gaming is a developer in Game Sim. It is run by cherperry. They are one of Game Sim's most acclaimed developers, with 2 games in the best reviewed list. They are, however, also one of the most controverisal.


Enchanted Gaming released Z in turn 5. They have also released Uncharted 4: Lost Love and Darkside.

They have developed Combat Zone, along with Need For Speed: DNA in turn 17. Enchanted gaming also released Middle Earth: The Story in turn 24 and more recently Darkside 2: Silent Screams. They're also the studio behind Dust and Z: Echo. Currently developing Game Tycoon.

List of Games Released:Edit


Uncharted 4: Lost Love


Combat Zone

Need For Speed: DNA

Middle Earth: The Story

Darkside 2: Silent Screams


Z: Echo

Cancelled Games/Development on HoldEdit

The War


Enchanted Gaming currently owns Just Dance .


Enchanted Gaming has come under fire numerous times by the gaming community, and occasionally other developers, for their excessive use of DLC. Despite some of their titles being MMO's, the gaming community nevertheless felt the DLC was excessive.

Need For Speed: DNA BoycottEdit

This eventually ended in a full-fledged boycott , resulting in Enchanted Gaming cutting the cost back by 50%. The fans demanded everything to be free, but Enchanted Gaming stood their ground, however, and the boycott eventually fell apart as they continued releasing quality titles. 

Middle Earth: The Story BoycottEdit

Things got worse for Enchanted Gaming when they released Middle Earth: The Story, as fans picked up where they left off previously, including a full-on boycott due to the announced DLC plan. This time, the fans refused to back down, and Enchanted Gaming released a free expansion pack and had a sale on the title to tame their fuming fans.


Enchanted Gaming has not yet won any awards.