The FPG Sabre Series is a line of gaming laptops developed by Freefall Interactive. They are heavily geared towards gamers, and have two separate laptops in the series. They were released in turn 39.


There are two laptops in then FPG Sabre series, detailed below:

Fire BrickEdit

The Fire Brick FPG Sabre Series laptops are the first iteration of heavy duty, high-processing speed gaming laptops. FPG Fire Brick are high range laptops, designed internally and externally for any situation.

Prices start at £950

Neon CarrotEdit

The Neon Carrot FPG Sabre Series laptops are the second iteration of resistant, sufficient gaming laptops. FPG Neon Carrot are low cost, high quality laptops, designed for style and reliability.

Prices start at £450


Features of the FPG Sabre Series laptops include the following:

  • Watertight construction makes the Sabre laptops waterproof.
  • Respectively light and durable construction.
    • Fire Brick range laptops have an internal titanium vertebrae and compound plastic screen that makes the laptop evermore durable.
  • Means that the feature is universal in all series
    • Means that the features are suited only for series at and above Fire Brick.


Reception to the FPG Fabre series has been mixed to positive, with critics citing that the laptops themselves are both impressive, and offer options to the consumer as far as price and function. Criticism, however, has come for the specs that the laptops are offering, citing that for the price, they could have stepped it up a bit in the GPU department. The consumer rating on Amazon is 8.0/10, and the OVERALL SCORE: 7.2/10 by critics.