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G3 is an expo show in GameSim where new games are shown off and announced. Demos are also shown, and occasionally playable. Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and all major publishers have a presence at G3. The first ever G3 took place in Turn 16*. The second G3 will take place in turn 57*.

*Old GameSim

The new expo show will take place on Year 1 Turn 6.


G3 is usually kicked off with a bang with a big announcement. Games are continuously shown and announced throughout the show. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and all the major publishers all have their own conference. 

Past G3 EventsEdit

G3 (1)Edit

The first G3 event was held in turn 16, and contained several large announcements, including Dead Space: Alteration , Need For Speed: DNA , Middle Earth: The Story, and Tatakai! . EA held their own press conference, and the show was a major success.

G3 Year 1 (2) Edit

The second G3 event will be held on Year 1 Turn 6, and keep recurring annually (e.g. Year 2, Turn 6 Year 3, Turn 6 etc.)