Inertia is a game engine designed by the British game developer Freefall Interactive. As well as being a general game engine, Inertia is also middleware for game animation and realistic physics simulation.

The first game to utilise Inertia technology is the upcoming racing simulator Apex, overhauling the physics technology of RAGE engine to better suit it for the fidelity of a racing game.

Features Edit

  • Inertia Physics: It is designed primarily for video games, and allows for real-time collision and dynamics of rigid bodies in three dimensions. It provides multiple types of dynamic constraints between rigid bodies (e.g. for rag-doll physics), and has a highly optimized collision detection library. By using dynamical simulation, Inertia Physics allows for more realistic gravitational physics in games.
  • Inertia Animation Studio: Inertia Animation Studio is formally known as Inertia Behavior and Inertia Animation. Inertia Behavior is a runtime SDK for controlling game character animation at a high level. Inertia Animation provides efficient playback and compression of character animations in games, and features such as inverse kinematics.
  • Inertia Cloth: Developed from RAGE's own techniques, Inertia Cloth deals with efficient simulation of character garments and soft body dynamics.
  • Inertia Destruction: Inertia Destruction provides tools for creation of destructible and deformable rigid body environments.
  • Inertia AI: Also developed from RAGE's own techniques, Inertia AI provides advanced pathfinding capabilities for games. Inertia AI provides navigation mesh generation, pathfinding and path following for video game environments.
  • Inertia Script: Inertia Script is a Lua-compatible virtual machine designed for video game development. It is shipped as part of the Inertia Script Studio.