Tatakai! was a beat 'em up for PSN, Xbox Live, and PC/Mac (Digital). It was originally announced at G3. Tatakai! was being developed by Tanoshii Urban Entertainment until it was delayed and finally cancelled after the game's data was corrupted and lost.


The game was revealed at G3, here is an excerpt containing the reveal:

"On the other side of the booth, an arcade machine is set up. Visitors pop in quarters to play a beat 'em up set in 'Downtown, Japan'. Groups as large as four gather around the panoramic screen and report of stages taking place on subways and lit-up rooftops, human playable characters with robotic enemies, and promises of thirty chapters. Players also raise their fists while starting the game and shout one word that appears to be the game's title: Tatakai!"


Tatakai! was cancelled in Turn 29 after developers discovered that the data had been corrupted and lost. As of Turn 29 there are no plans to remake the game.