Transition Games logo v1

Transition Games' main logo. Art by Erich Reese.

Transition Games is a video game peripherals manufacturer which has been selling cheap laptops since 2001 but is currently in a stage of new development to become a high end video game developer and PC manufacturer. Transition Games' first game, The Underground Kingdom, was released in Year 5 Turn 7.

Transition Games is currently run by Samuel James (CEO and founder), chief developer Jason Jackson and chief designer Loth Reeves.

Games Edit

Transition Games first game was The Underground Kingdom. They are also currently developing an open-world racing game, Apex, with an estimated release date for Year 6 Q3.

Awards Edit

Transition Games haven't won any awards yet.

Franchises Edit

Transition Games do not currently own any franchises.

However, they are currently leasing the RAGE engine from Rockstar Games.