War was a real time strategy first/third person shooter vehicle simulator hybrid being developed by Freefall Interactive. War was to be released on PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Facebook in Turn 31.


Shortly after FI confirmed the game, War's lead designer and programmer, Barney Lester, announced that he believed War will start a new age of video gaming.

"Freefall Interactive have had quite a few ambitious ideas and projects, some of them being successful, and some of them have went too far (Origins as an example). But with War, we are trying to make it a better and bigger game than any other we have worked on."

Barney Lester,

Design Manager of

Freefall Interactive


War was considered - publically and by the company itself - Freefall Interactive's most ambitious and expensive project, and that they were 'treading hollowed ground' by going with the RTS genre. But War was supposed to be something different from all the other AAA games out there that are all the same, War was a completely new take on hybrid games. War's concept was so huge that one hundred and twelve people contributed to developing it!

At 12:43pm GMT 13/07/2013, game designer Kane M. Doolan, most renowned for his work on Burnt Skies, has confirmed he is now part of War and will help with programming and designing for it.

Kane M. Doolan has provided some information of what War is going to be like upon it's Turn 31 release:

'War is to be the most realistic and largest combat game ever.


In the singleplayer, rage bigger conflicts that take place in the seamless and dynamic world that really gives War that next-generation feel.

Features of War's singleplayer counter-part include:

- An unprecedented and near unlimited amount of technologies to discover, salvage or research, ranging from portable radios to nuclear bombs.

- A fantastic and complex design and customisation system.


In the multiplayer, rage huge conflicts across the whole planet in order to claim victory for your chosen faction. Help your faction by salvaging enemy equipment and using it to your advantage to develop a new superweapon or unit that gives the enemy a kick in the teeth.'


Soon to be.